Tracy and Melissa would love to welcome you to Sunday Club at All Hallows’ Church. First let us share some information with you about Reverend, Amanda.

She absolutely loves to see young people in our church and welcomes them with a huge heart and a very open mind. She encourages young people to be themselves and welcomes their involvement in the service (if you are comfortable to do so). She also looks forward to sharing your thoughts and work at the end of the service (I secretly think this makes her day)!

So what can I tell you about myself and Melissa. We offer a creative, fun packed Sunday Club at All Hallows’ Church. Many of our children are often seen running down the aisle on a Sunday morning with a smiley face eager to know what’s in store and that is why we love to do the work we do. The children truly love to recreate the Gospel readings using their artistic flair and imagination. The views of our young people truly matter in our community and we are always trying to improve the service we offer to young people and all here at All Hallows’ Church.

So why not come and join us on Sunday mornings as we strive to give you and our young people the opportunity to share skills through art, while creatively and joyfully furthering your understanding of the teachings of Jesus. We hope that your experience with us will enhance your knowledge of Christianity and develop new skills, whilst providing you with a new experience to be shared with others and in our community.

Come and see our work in Church and perhaps stay one Sunday morning to find out more!!

Tracy & Melissa

Please contact our Sunday Club team if you would like more information.

The children of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church joined our Sunday Club during their time with us in August.

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