All Hallows Church Ministry Team

Terms of reference

Date terms of reference revised on a yearly basis

Historical and current relevance of the group
• The group originated from the Wakefield Ministry scheme
• The current aims of the group is to development and maintain the ministry and liturgical patterns of All Hallows Church.

Purpose and role of the group:
• The purpose of the group is to plan and review the ministerial and liturgical of All Hallows Church.
• The role of the group is to take responsibility in planning, reviewing and implementing all that is required to deliver qualitative liturgical services

    • The current membership of the group is for those individuals who have a role in liturgical ministry at All Hallows Church
    • New membership of the group is open to those involved in the liturgical ministry of All Hallows Church

    • Designated individual group members are responsible for offering feedback and reporting to the group any ministerial and liturgical updates and concerns: e.g. Youth Ministry, Occasional Offices, and Liturgical services
    • Designated individual group members are responsible for attending relevant training days

    • On a yearly basis, the group will review the relevance and value of the groups work and the groups terms of reference

    Working methods and ways of working:
    • Group members will approach working together as a shared learning approach. Using the Learning, Living and Loving ethos.
    • Our chosen working method in practical terms is:
    Monthly meetings to be held
    Yearly dates for the meeting will be held issued in January of each year
    The meeting venue will be agreed at each meeting.
    The Vicar will chair the meeting with a secretary taking notes and who will also be responsible for the generating an agenda and distributing the minutes of the meeting.

    sharing of information and resources
    • The group will update and share information through email and discussion outside of the group.

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