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Thinking of baptism?
Baptism is the way we make public our personal Christian commitment. Jesus was baptised in the river Jordan at the start of his ministry, and ever since, Christians have baptised new believers as the sign of their own commitment to Christian discipleship. We are delighted to baptise here at All Hallows and welcome new members to our fellowship. But before that can happen we ask you in the meantime to follow the link below and find out more about what the baptism of your child entails. Here you will find lots of useful information regarding baptism and what it means to you, your child and the church into which they will be baptised. Baptism is a communal declaration of faith in Jesus Christ in which everyone can become a part and we would encourage you to think about the commitment you are about to make on behalf of your child
Please follow the link to 'What is Baptism' on the Church of England website.
We receive a lot of enquiries for baptisms and we like to put faces to names so if you have decided that baptism is the next step then we would encourage you to come along to our CHURCH4ALL service. We also have GODS TOTS, once a months on the first Wednesday at 2pm. At Church4all you can meet Rev Amanda Grant and start the baptism process. We will be delighted to discuss your child's baptism over coffee at the end of the service. If you would like you can email us and let us know when you are coming and we can welcome you at the beginning of the service.
If you find that you no longer wish to have your child baptised at this time then we can offer a THANKSGIVING service as an alternative to baptism.
If you have any questions regarding this process then please contact our parish office on 07925 884 212. You can also contact us by email.
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